Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFC, PFOA, C8)

Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) have been used in such products as Teflon, Scotchguard, aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) used for fire fighting, and chrome plating operations.  PFCs represent an increasingly important area of environmental concern because they are very stable and do not break down easily. In addition, they have presented problems around military bases, where they have been used ubiquitously, because PFCs have migrated into water supplies serving surrounding communities.

SV worked with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to develop regulatory guidelines for use at Wurtsmith AFB. Dr. DeGrandchamp was then invited by the Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) to present at the Agency’s 2013 Mid-Year Meeting. A link to Dr. DeGrandchamp’s presentation is below:

Link to Dr. DeGrandchamp’s PFC Presentation:

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